Design Services:

Our design services are charged at a rate of $125 per hour or can be quoted for a flat fee per project.

If an assistant is required for a project (i.e. installation services are needed), they will be charged an additional $40 per hour.

Feng Shui Services: A La Carte 

  • Space clearing ceremony/ Home blessing (For a home less than 2,500 ft2): $350 and up

  • Land Blessing ceremony (Prior to home construction): $800 and up

  • Best Directions/ Kua number calculation: $25 per person

  • Bagua Floor plan Mapping: $350 (floor plan required)

  • Form Feng Shui analysis: $350

  • Flying Stars Analysis: $750 (floor plan required)

  • Site plan review (Review of new construction plans): $950 and up

  • Floor plan Creation: $800 and up

  • Travel Fee: $125 (Waived if more than one a la carte item is selected)

Feng Shui Packages:

If your home is larger than the options stated above, or you would like a quotation for something else, please contact us!