Feng Shui Interprets the “Locked” House

When we think of a “locked” house, the image of a literally secure house comes to mind; one that you can only enter by breaking a lock to get in. This term “locked” house or “locked phase” has a totally different meaning in feng shui theory.

The lock refers to a phase when the occupants are metaphorically under a type of “house arrest.” Some translations call it the “imprisoned” phase. During the “People Lock” the occupants will suffer more health and relationship problems than in times when the People Lock is not in force.

During a “Money Lock” the occupants can suffer financial difficulties that would not be a problem when that same house is not in the Money Lock phase.

Every single house, every single structure on the planet will go through both People Lock and Money Lock phases, no matter how good the house is deemed by feng shui standards most of the time.

These Locked phases can last for one day, one month, one year or a twenty year cycle and these phases can be calculated in classical, traditional feng shui. Sometimes it is referred to as Xuan Kong or the Flying Star School. Factoring issues of timing is what makes it non-obvious. In other words, the house does not change in its appearance to reveal that it has entered a Locked Phase.

As an example, all houses that face North which were built between 1924-1944, are currently in a 20 year People Lock that started in 2004 and will continue until 2024. Another example is that all houses that face Northwest which were built between 1984-2004 are also currently in a 20 Year Lock (for Money) that started in 2004. In any given Era, there will be several houses types that are currently in a Lock Phase.

Whether a house is in a one year lock or a 20 year lock, the remedy is the same: The occupant needs to hear and see circulating water. This is one reason why fountains, aquariums and outside water features can be so helpful. There are in fact bad locations inside and outside when it comes to water (stay tuned for my articles on water).

But for the purposes of releasing or lessening the affects of the Locked Phase, any type of water feature will help that situation. And how does one know if their water feature has worked? As an example, if a couple has been living in a house that is in a long term People Lock, they will usually have difficulty conceiving. When the water feature gets installed, pregnancy happens shortly thereafter.

With finances, if occupants have been enduring a long term Money Lock on their house, the installation of a water feature can be experienced in a tangible increase in income or other financial windfalls.

Learning how to figure out if your house or business is experiencing one of these locked phases is fairly easy. Both Feng Shui for Skeptics as well as The Feng Shui Continuum show readers how to calculate this.

At Feng Shui Solutions, we are also happy to determine this for you by just supplying us with accurate information about the age of your home and its magnetic compass orientation.

Author: Kartar Diamond


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